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About Us

ATP Energies Inc.

“Our Vision”

ATP Energies Inc will successfully combined 5 “green” technologies to efficiently scrub huge quantities of CO2 from the surrounding air we breath, grow foodstock, produce electrical energy and eliminate 100% of a cities wastes, all on the same plot of land. Our intent is to provide individual cities with a viable means to access locally produced foodstock, liquid fuel and electricity. These combined technologies will allow any city to achieve energy independence from foreign and big corporate fossil oil, coal and natural gas while being proactive in naturally returning and maintaining the balance of the CO2 content of the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels. Should a sufficient number of cities incorporate our patented method, their combined individual efforts would effectively eliminate the imminent catastrophic environmental responses taking place now in relation to the increase in global warming. Cities can totally convert their captured carbon into carbon neutral energy or products, or they may also choose to convert a large portion of it into carbon negative Biochar and till it into the local soils thereby naturally, safely and permanently sequestering large quantities of carbon underground and greatly enhancing the growth of their local crops.

“The Challenge”

All current providers of renewable energy technologies concentrate on capturing only a small amount of the total available electromagnetic, kinetic, latent or photosynthetic energy available on any given plot of land to produce food, fuel and electricity. They allow all other available sources of energy that could enhance their chosen method to be wasted. Take “Photovoltaic Solar Panels” for example; they absorb some wavelengths of visible light but ignore the incoming infrared heat from sunlight, they ignore the stored heat energy that is present just a few feet underground, they also ignore the natural process of photosynthesis that can be used to convert some of the light and surrounding air into liquid energy, These are just some of the relatively huge quantities of available sources of energy on any given plot of land that are disregarded and are allowed to escape or are not utilized.

“The Solution”
  • ATP Energies Inc will show how it is possible to efficiently scrub millions of tons of CO2 annually from the surrounding air using a low cost membrane that is made from stable common compounds. All of the CO2 that is captured will be fed to algae grown in a closed loop system. Learn more »
  • All captured CO2 will be fed to a closed loop series of transparent tubing where various species of algae will be grown. Various harvested dried algae species can be sold as a food additives that contains more protein than steak or they can be used to make numerous carbon neutral or carbon negative products such as Biodiesel, Biogasoline, Jet Fuel, Methanol, Hydrogen, Biochar ect Learn more »
  • Plasma Arc Gasification will be employed to convert 100%* of the waste from a city into useful solids and gases, all of which can be sold or converted into liquid fuels or electricity. All waste heat from the process will be captured and continuously recirculated past a heat exchanger that will produce steam that is used to drive generator that will produce electricity.* (with the exception of highly radioactive wastes). Learn more »
  • A series of 300 foot deep 2 inch diameter holes are drilled at each site and a closed loop of ¾ inch tubing is inserted in each hole and connected in a series. At the end of the series, the tubing is connected to a simple heat exchanger surrounding the algae piping effectively heating or cooling the growth medium as needed. Moist soil is an excellent medium to store heat. Any heat stored underground dissipates very slowly when not exposed to air. In the winter we will retrieve 80%+ of the heat we transferred underground in the previous summer. Learn more »
“Our Advantage”

Every known technology has its strong points and its weak points. The natural laws of physics set the limits on what is achievable. The trick is to combine specific technologies so that one technologies weak areas are overcome by the strengths of another technology until a full cycle is achieved. We have identified 5 existing technologies that complete a complimentary circle and naturally strengthen each other to achieve the greatest overall efficiency possible to supply the greatest amount of food and energy to a city. Great care was taken to ensure that our total process has zero waste and fits as closely as possible to the natural cyclical processes of carbon currently found in nature. This natural fit ensures the unending balanced sustainability of carbon based energy production, not for just for thousands, but for beyond millions of years into the future. This natural fit also allows our facilities to be constructed anywhere there is access to land, sunlight, air and salty, brackish or fresh water.

“Our Model”

ATP Energies Inc. intends to build 10 acre functioning prototypes near cities that are interested in employing our methods to provide municipally supplied food, fuel and energy products to their residents. The existence of one of our prototypes will give physical proof of our facilities capabilities to any verification teams from the government or venture capital groups. We understand that interested city planners and private investors will require favorable reports from their verification teams before they will commit funds to take over a facility and expand it. We look forward to working with these verification teams.

“Our Team”

ATP Energies Inc. is a U.S. based, non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, approved to operated as scientific research experimental farms. Its board of directors is comprised of average like minded individuals that wish to provide American citizens access to a tool that will combat global warming and provide our country a means to achieve sustainable energy independence at every local level.

“Our Promise”

Your donation monies will be used to build and maintain a prototype facility whose intended function will be to reduce, return and maintain the CO2 content of the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels while providing carbon neutral food, liquid fuel and electrical energy to American cities.

ATP Energies will not accept bulk CO2 gas from any corporation or organization who knowingly burns, or sells products that will eventually be burned and emitted into the atmosphere that were derived from underground fossil fuels such as oil, coal or natural gas.

We will not allow large corporate fossil oil, coal or natural gas to influence the operation of any of our facilities.

In order to maintain our non-profit status, the IRS has forbidden us to accept any monies in exchange for cap and trade carbon credits. Learn more »

“The Ask”

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they have tried everything else”
Winston Churchill

“Ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man”
John F. Kennedy

For the sake of those segments of mankind and nature that will suffer most in the coming years and are already feeling the beginning effects of global warming, it is our hope that you do not fail to act. It is our sincere hope that, you do not continue waiting for someone to invent a magic energy bullet that does not exist and in the meantime all of the warnings start to come true. We hope that you will begin to actively participate long before the time arrives that so much irreversible environmental destruction has already taken place that the effects of global warming starts to become personally inconvenient for your children on a daily basis.

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We at ATP Energies understand that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. That is what this is all about, like minded individuals that have all done the due diligence necessary to add their pieces of truth together to help solve a complex challenge by presenting a working model that can be used to correct a problem common to all mankind. We have provided you with this executive summary in the hopes that it will inspire you or your organization to provide any amount of donation that you deem appropriate to allow us to quickly reach our goals and immediately begin the formal designing and construction of our first prototype facilities that will be able to publicly provide everyone with a working example of our claims.

My best to all of you and your families,

Captain Gray Henrikson
President/CEO ATP Energies

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