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Saying you grow algae is like saying you grow trees. What type you grow depends on what final product you want to produce. Referring to a single species of algae would be referring to an alga. Algae are the preferred choice for biomass because some species contain more oil than corn or soy and grow over 30 times faster. Growing alga in clear closed tubing allows us to precisely control the nutrient content, air mixture and temperature conditions maximizing the growing conditions. We will produce up to 300 lbs of dried alga per acre/per day and we expect to be able to achieve 500 lbs per acre/per day within 2 years. Growing and using alga oil for food and fuel can easily outperform the efficiency of growing and using palm, soy or corn oil for the same purposes. Growing alga does not compete with other food production, it adds to it. Using alga oil frees up 30 times more land mass to grow the same soy or corn that is currently being used to make biofuels instead of food.

We will be able to grow our biomass in areas where the temperatures can fall below zero or rise above 120 degrees F. We will be able to do this because we will store the heat of the summer sunlight in the moist soil just below ground and we will use it to warm our biomass growth medium in the winter. We will also store the coolness captured from the winter air underground and we will use it to cool our biomass growth medium in the summer.

This reference is an example of a leader in converting algae oil to food fuel and fuel.

This reference has been a provider of algae for use as a dietary supplement for decades

This reference shows an efficient harvest method that cities currently use to clean their water

This reference shows how to quickly dry harvested biomass

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