Dye Solar Cells

Dye Solar Cells

This type of solar cell does not require direct sunlight to operate efficiently. It produces power even in the faintest glow of light. The Iodide dye is over 90% effective in converting the green light received from the sun and reflected by the biomass into electricity. Photosynthesis of the alga primarily uses red and blue light to promote growth. This is also why plants appear to be green. Receiving this extra red and blue sunlight reflected by the solar cells will increase the growth rate of the biomass. Dye solar cells can be constructed for under $1 per watt of capability. This is 5 times less expensive than current silicon solar panels. These cells can easily be manufactured locally near each of our facilities thereby creating numerous local jobs.

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This reference is an example of a supplier for all of the parts and training needed to manufacture Dye Solar Cells


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