Our Promises

Operating as a nonprofit corporation will greatly reduce the amount of time required to build a full size facility due to the fact that all revenue generated will be put into further facility expansion versus paying huge interest and tax payments to stockholders, venture capitalist, banks and the government.

Our Promises

We seek US$53 million in donations from individuals and organizations who are motivated to begin harnessing available technology to accelerate changes needed now to halt global warming. For your donations you can expect:

  • That all donations may be fully deductible from your individual or corporate taxes owed.
  • That all donations after the initial $9 million used to construct our first prototypes will be placed in a trust fund until they accumulate to total the $53 million required to act as 10% equity to secure a $530 million government guaranteed loan
  • To be assured that 100% of your donations will be directly utilized to design, construct, operate and expand a facility.
  • That, should you desire, your name and amount donated will be added to a list of participating persons or organization that donated to our cause and this list will be made public on a national and international basis through a posting on our web site.
  • That with your permission, your name would also be added to our public petition that will be presented to the U.S. government to show your desire that ATP Energies Inc should be approved for a government guaranteed loan allowing us to commence full scale construction and operations.
  • That those who make a substantial donation (over $100,000) will be personally updated as to our progress through a regularly published newsletter. All others can monitor our progress by visiting our website that will maintain a section that is updated regularly as to our growth and development.
  • That all of our facilities will be designed, constructed and operated in a manner striving for zero impact on the local environment.
  • That a percentage of our food stock produced will be donated to qualifying individuals and organizations that can ensure that 100% of the donation will be delivered to hungry or starving communities worldwide.
  • That a percentage of the Biochar produced will be donated to qualifying individuals or organizations thereby providing a means to enhance soil quality and local crop growth while simultaneously and permanently sequestering CO2 in the soil.
  • That we will continually search for and identify all newly discovered technologies that could further enhance the efficiency of our facilities and that these methods will be incorporated as soon as possible.
  • That we will seek out qualifying individuals and offer them six week internships to shadow our administrative and operational managers to learn, in detail, how to operate our facilities. They can then take this knowledge back to their communities and start their own facilities.
  • That all knowledge gained from discoveries made in enhancing the efficiency of our facilities will be made available to the public.
  • That each of our facilities will have training centers and walking tours available to educate the public.
  • That all this knowledge passed on to the public will accelerate the changes needed in how cities can eliminate their discharge of CO2 into the atmosphere.

That an investment in ATP Energies Inc., Inc. will offer the world a means to return to a balance with nature while increasing its access to food, fuel and energy.

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